Jefferson Parish President Mike Yenni said Friday he intends to revisit a 2007 agreement the parish has with New Orleans because it was not followed during the heavy rain and resulting flooding last weekend.

Yenni said he was "frustrated and quite frankly angered" not to have been alerted this week about a fire that damaged a turbine at the New Orleans Sewerage & Water Board's power plant.

That plant powers Pump Station No. 6, which drains not only part of western Orleans Parish but also 2,400 acres of Jefferson, mostly in Old Metairie and Old Jefferson.

According to the agreement, Jefferson Parish officials were supposed to be notified of any events that affected the operations of Pump Station 6.

Yenni said a July report notified the parish that four major pumps at the station were offline but that he only learned about the fire from media reports.

Under the agreement, Jefferson Parish provides about $1 million a year to help operate the pumping station, though it is not allowed to send personnel to the station unless a tropical storm is approaching.

"That agreement is a little antiquated," Yenni said Friday, noting that it requires reports to be sent to Jefferson by fax. The contract, he said, "has been audited in the past. We will audit again.”

Since the fire late Wednesday night, Jefferson and Orleans officials agreed to speak twice daily about any events affecting the station, Yenni said.

Jefferson Parish was able to overcome the problems at the Orleans Parish pump station by pumping water into Wally Pontiff Playground in Metairie, where other pumps then removed it.

Yenni said the parish had no major flooding problems during last Saturday's rain. Drainage Director Mitch Theriot said that only three of the parish's 181 pumps were offline for maintenance at the time.

As many as six of the 15 pumps at Pump Station No. 6 were not working, though the New Orleans Sewerage & Water Board expected the repaired turbine to be back online by Friday evening.

Mayor Mitch Landrieu's office issued a statement late Friday saying that he and Yenni "have been in touch multiple times throughout the past few days" and that other "top (city) officials have been in communication with Jefferson Parish officials throughout the event as well."

The statement said Landrieu's office "cannot speak for the communications or lack thereof between the Sewerage & Water Board and Jefferson Parish officials."

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