Avondale — An Avondale man gunned down a few steps from his home Thursday night was in fear for his life for at least a week, and his uncle said the victim called the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office to tell them of the danger.

Christopher Williams, 26, was found dead from multiple gunshot wounds in the 300 block of Avondale Garden Road, according to Col. John Fortunato, a sheriff’s spokesman. Deputies were responding to a report of gunshots shortly after 7:30 p.m. when they found Williams’ body lying next to a car in a driveway across the street from his home, Fortunato said.

Witnesses told detectives that shortly before the shooting they saw several men standing in the driveway where Williams was found. That home is next door to a lounge. Fortunato said that after the gunshots, witnesses saw several of the men fleeing the area and one man enter the home that Williams was standing near. That man was later questioned by detectives, but no arrests have been made, Fortunato said.

Crime scene technicians found a handgun next to Williams, and several shell casings were located in the street, Fortunato said. No motive or suspects have been released in the incident.

But Nathan Williams, the victim’s uncle, said his nephew warned his family last weekend that someone was looking to kill him. Williams said the family didn’t really take the comments seriously because the victim was prone to saying strange things, but the victim did tell them that he called police about his fears.

“He said somebody was out to kill him, but he wouldn’t never tell us who it was,” his uncle said.

Nathan described his nephew as a “typical” young man who enjoyed playing video games with his young son or friends. He hung out in front of the home where he was killed pretty much every night, his uncle said.

“He was just a regular, normal child,” Nathan Williams said.

Williams said he is certain that someone knows exactly who the killer was because the community is so close knit. Several neighbors honked their horns at Williams as he stood outside discussing his nephew’s death, and he said people in the area tend to spend their entire lives there. Several other residents agreed, noting that violence on the street is rare.

“Whoever killed him, they knew him, and he knew them,” Nathan Williams said. “Everybody around here knows everybody.”

This isn’t the Williams family’s first brush with violence, as Christopher’s older brother, David Williams, was killed in Harvey in 2010. David Williams was an aspiring rapper who went by the name “Mr. Harvey” and had recorded a mix tape with well-known hip-hop artist D.J. Drama.

David Williams was shot to death in the 1200 block of Loch Lomand Drive on Sept. 17. The victims’ grandmother declined to discuss their deaths in detail, but said she’s holding on to her faith in God as she tries to handle the grief.