“A Tribute to Old Hollywood” was the theme for the spring luncheon of the Sharing Program for senior parishioners of St. Francis Xavier Church in Metairie. Sharing Program coordinator Carol S. Pritchard organized the event, which was held at Metairie Country Club.

The Sharing Program offers classes on a wide range of topics, and the event highlighted the work accomplished in those classes, with place cards, table signs and centerpieces made by participants in the painting class and creative art workshop, under the direction of Gerry Claude.

Joan Ingram directed the fashion show, which featured clothing provided by SteinMart. The fashion show ended with a rousing rendition of George M. Cohan’s “Yankee Doodle Dandy” with the audience waving American flags to the music provided by Kenny Martinez.

Additionally, attendees participated in the Hat Contest, sporting various chapeaux which they made. The second-place winners were “Makin’ Groceries” with hats bearing boxes and cans.

The Grand Prize winners were the table “Ain’t Dere No More,” with hats representing Maison Blanche, K&B, Pelican Stadium, the Bali Hai Restaurant, Pontchartrain Beach, Jax Brewery, McKenzie’s and other lost businesses.

Among the themes were “Vive la France” with the French classes who wore hats adorned with tri-colored ribbon, the Mahjongg class, and other tables that represented Louisiana Festivals, Botanical Gardens, Holiday Hats, Historical New Orleans, New Orleans Artists, Happy Hour, Alligators, and many others.

Greeting guests and checking them in were Parish Secretary Barbara Kirn, Jeanne and A.J. Heikamp, and Suzanne Boudreaux.

Other special guests included Kenner Councilman Keith Conley and Jefferson Parish Chamber of Commerce President Todd Martin.

Anyone interested in the Sharing Program Summer activities should call Coordinator Carol Pritchard at St. Francis Xavier at 835-6809 for available classes, dates and times.

Members of the Fashion Show, directed by Joan Ingram, wore outfits provided by SteinMart. All models are members of the Sharing Program, with the exception of three guests: Parish Pastor Msgr. Andrew Taormina or “Father T,” Jefferson Parish President John Young, and Kenner Mayor Michael Yenni.