After a struggle with detectives, a New Orleans man was arrested Wednesday and booked on a count of attempted murder in connection with an April armed robbery in which police allege he tried to shoot his fleeing victim.

Police said DNA linked Ronald Green, who lives in Carrollton, to a near-fatal holdup in the 7300 block of Sycamore Street the morning of April 6.

Green has a prior conviction as an accessory to the murder of a grandmother, and he himself was shot in March.

Green denied his role in the robbery after his arrest, police said, telling detectives he “does not rob people” before requesting an attorney. Magistrate Commissioner Jonathan Friedman set his bail at $150,000.

Police said the victim was seated in his white pickup in the 7300 block of Sycamore when a man walked up to him, put a semi-automatic handgun to his temple and demanded money. The victim handed over $120, but the robber wanted more, police said, grabbing the man’s wallet and pulling out more cash.

At that point, according to Detective Brett Graybill’s arrest report, the victim thought he heard a gun click twice. Panicked, he pushed the gunman away and jumped out of his car, police said. As he fled, the robber fired at him once but missed.

A witness managed to capture a grainy photo of the robber before he jumped into a waiting sedan with two other men, but only from behind.

The robber had used a rag to wipe down the inside of the victim’s truck. But authorities said that when they swabbed the driver’s side window, they found a DNA match for Green, already known to them because of his criminal history.

In June 2012, Green had pleaded guilty as an accessory to second-degree murder. Prosecutors said he was one of several men involved in a drive-by shooting in Carrollton in June 2010 that left a woman dead. He was given a five-year sentence with credit for time served.

Police said Green also has been a victim. On the morning of March 9, according to investigators, he was sitting on a porch near his home in the 1600 block of Gen. Ogden Street with another man when someone approached and shot them both.

James Toliver, 41, was arrested in connection with the shooting later the same day, but court records show the case was refused by the District Attorney’s Office on May 11.

Green’s DNA came back a positive match in the Sycamore Street shooting on May 13, police said, but Graybill, the detective, first needed to interview the victim again to confirm that Green was not an acquaintance who might have had legitimate access to the truck.

Detectives then spotted Green on the same street where he had been shot, according to an arrest report. Detective James Weir, who according to the report was in uniform, arrested Green after a “brief struggle.”

In an interview with investigators, the report says, Green “could not explain why his DNA was inside of the vehicle.”

Green was booked on counts of attempted second-degree murder, illegal use of a weapon, armed robbery with a firearm and illegal possession of a firearm by a felon.

The Orleans Public Defenders Office has declined to represent him, according to court records, citing the office’s budget crisis. Friedman set a June 23 hearing to determine his counsel.