Despite bone-chilling weather, West Bankers have not slowed down their activities. Several Girl Scout and Brownie troops recently gathered at Skate County in Terrytown to have fun and to rally the girls for their cookie sale. Membership executive Anita McField, who has been a Girl Scout recruiter for eight years, said the rally is an exciting way to begin the cookie sale. The girls learned about safety rules and selling tips, said Xiomara Cardec, Girl Scout leader for Alice Harte Charter School in Algiers and manager of Service Unit 450.

Joanne Wagner is troop leader for Junior and Cadet troop 40884 of Algiers. “I became a troop leader because my husband, Phillip, volunteered me,” she said. “We have triplets, two boys and a girl. He is a Boy Scout leader, and I’m a Girl Scout leader.”

TEEN ENTREPRENEURS: Hope Encalade, a local businesswoman and the founder of Seeds of Hope, will hold a 13-week program for teens encouraging entrepreneurship. The class will be at 9:30 a.m. on Saturdays at the Jane Chatelain O’Brien Westbank Regional Library, 2751 Manhattan Blvd., Harvey.

The presentations are free and open to the public. Reservations are not required. Kids from sixth through 12th grades are encouraged to attend.

For information, contact Chris Smith, manager of adult programming for the library, at (504) 889-8143 or

SCHOOL RETIREES: The Jefferson Parish Public School System recently held a reception for its retirees at John Ehret High School in Marrero.

They are: Betty Antioine, 32 years; Darlene Antoniou, 13 years; Terry Arceneaux, Arthur Banks and Mary Barton, 33 years; Rachel Bergman, 33 years; Linda Blackmon, 24 years; Joanne Blanque, 29 years; Louise Bosworth, 27 years; Mary Boudreaux, 22 years; Mary Bougere, 34 years, Elizabeth Bourgeois, 23 years; Linda Bourgeois, 4 years; Debra Breaux, 27 years, Michael Brehm, 20 years; Karen Brouillette, 7 years; Terri Brown, 35 years; Sharon Bruce, 21 years; Carol Burch, 19 years; Josephine Callais, 28 years; Star Campiere, 22 years; Rosa Canas, 7 years; Werner Carr, 18 years; Carolyn Carrone, 32 years; Charles Carter, 29 years; Yvonne Clay, 30 years; Clara Clemens, 20 years; Clothilde Cobert, 40 years; Donna Collins-Anders, 10 years; Leslie Coon, 23 years; Bernice Cornish, 36 years; Brenda Cox, 29 years; Sandra Cranfill, 9 years; Teresa Crozat, 32 years; Jane Daigle, 32 years; Elaine Daigle, 9 years; Elizabeth Davis, 19 years; Mary Deemer, 27 years; Mary Ann Deidrich, 33 years; Evanne Dicarlo, 35 years; Janet Ditta, 33 years; Sandra Doland, 38 years; Alfonso Downing Jr., 7 years; Edith Dozier, 27 years; Linda Dufrene, 27 years; Freddi Evans, 27 years; Patricia Favaloro, 42 years; Betty Flakes, 18 years; Vinston Flakes, 23 years; Julie Flattmann, 35 years; Rita Foster, 36 years; Joseph Fradella Jr., 18 years; Betty Frechette, 34 years; Phyllis Gaude, 34 years; Sylvia George, 34 years; Mona Gibson, 33 years; Barbara Glass, 35 years; Constance Goldsby, 36 years; Violet Grant, 11 years; Lucille Greene, 35 years; Gloria Guidry, 25 years; Arden Haag, 22 years; Jo Ann Hamilton Albea, 17 years; Barbara Harney, 27 years; Patricia Hebert, 39 years; Jerome Helmstetter, 35 years; Jesse Herman Sr., 21 years; Karen Hollingsworth, 19 years; Thelma Jackson, 12 years; Leola Jackson, 31 years; Brenda Jewel, 11 years; Alicia Johnson, 37 years; Joyce Jones, 33 years; Maureen Krail, 17 years; Janice Kwiatkowski, 42 years; Cynthia Landry, 27 years; Jacqueline Landry, 26 years; Jacquelyn LeBlanc, 22 years; Sherry LeBlanc, 15 years; Mary Leichtenberg, 15 years; Suzon Lemar, 6 years; Winifred Liggio, 20 years; Phyliss Lombard, 28 years; Maria Lomonaco, 22 years; Carol Mancuso, 32 years; Elizabeth Mayeaux, 26 years; Sandra Mays, 31 years; Lillie McAfee, 6 years; Lisa McDonald, 40 years; Carmen Miles, 35 years; Sharon Moore, 5 years; June Morgan, 24 years; Phyllis Muller, 32 years; Marta Najarro, 29 years; Judith Nodurft, 33 years; Beverly O’Neil, 39 years; Charlotte Orgeron, 40 years; Natalie Ortiz, 34 years; Valerie Owen, 32 years; Craig Owens-Penitski, 34 years; Jessie Pellagalle, 34 years; David Perrin, 21 years; Elizabeth Phillips, 36 years; Barbara Phillips, 21 years; Lorraine Platner, 33 years; Joe Potts Jr., 38 years; Jeanne Prevost, 33 years; Gail Provost, 24 years; Virginia Puglise, 32 years; Faye Ramirez, 39 years; Linda Rhones, 24 years; Marsha Robert, 34 years; Blenda Robertson, 6 years; Hebert Robin Jr., 16 years; Ellen Rock, 25 years; Rosa Rodriguez, 23 years; Margaret Romaire, 18 years; Carolyn Roques, 33 years; Wanda Ross, 34 years; Stephanie Sara, 34 years; Joseph Saucier, 20 years; Cheryl Schellhaas, 32 years; Carla Segura, 21 years; Geraldine Settoon, 22 years; Penny Simon, 29; Rosalynn Singleton, 10 years; Valerie Smith, 33 years; Robert Stevens, 19 years; Marion Steward, 16 years; Velma Thiel, 16 years; Colleen Tierney, 17 years; Lillian Toney, 28 years; Alice Touchet, 17 years; Virene Veal, 9 years; Tammy Vess, 23 years; Lynette Wallace, 33 years; Hilda Walton, 22 years; Virginia Webert, 25 years; Kathy West, 23 years; Rebecca Whorton, 33 years; Charles Williams, 42 years; Jeanette Williams, 11 years; and Emily Woodruff, 19 years.

TAX INFORMATION: Information on tax laws will be provided when the Woodmere Civic Association meets at 7 p.m. Feb. 13 at Woodmere Elementary School, 3191 Alex Kornman Blvd., Harvey.

COLLEGE SCHOLARSHIPS: Ten students from the Jefferson Parish Public School System have been awarded four-year, full-tuition scholarships from The Posse Foundation, including students from Helen Cox High School, Haynes Academy for Advanced Studies, L.W. Higgins High School, Riverdale High School and Patrick F. Taylor Science & Technology Academy.

The Posse Foundation gives extraordinary high school students who may be overlooked by the traditional college selection processes the resources and the support needed to complete a four-year degree at partner universities. Posse Scholars are nominated by their high schools in their senior year for their leadership in the school and the community, their academic commitment, and their overall motivation to succeed. The nominees undergo a rigorous selection process conducted by both Posse staff and their partner universities before being selected for the merit-based scholarship.

The newest Posse Scholars from JPPSS selected to attend Tulane University are:

Jose Alexander, Patrick F. Taylor Academy; Zavontae Holmes, L.W. Higgins High School; Tyrin Stevenson, Helen Cox High School; Kaylynn Tran, Patrick F. Taylor Academy; and Gabriela Vasquez, Riverdale High School.

Students attending Bard College in Annandale-on-Hudson in New York are: Xavier Aguilar, Haynes Academy; Micquel Downs, Patrick F. Taylor Academy; David Girgis, Helen Cox High School; Nuri Melancon, Patrick F. Taylor Academy; and Marlon Nunez, Riverdale High School.

Yetoria Lumpkin DeShazier writes about the people and events in Algiers and the West Bank. Contact her at or call (504) 367-0905.