Image via Reddit

After losing a wallet during Mardi Gras, one tourist got a heck of surprise in the mail, courtesy of a Louisiana State Trooper. 

According to a post on Reddit by user Wardo613, a wallet lost in New Orleans returned home with a note from trooper John Jett, who was working the area.

The note, according to the Reddit post, reads: 

"My name is John Jett, I am a trooper with the Louisiana State Police. While working Mardi Gras, I found your wallet on Bourbon St. at St. Louis St. I intended to leave it at a lost and found at the NOPD 8th District, however they really did not have one set up. I decided to mail it to you. I did go through your wallet in an effort to make sure the address on your [driver's license] was your correct address. Everything in your wallet is exactly as it was when I found it." 

It's unclear where the wallet was shipped to, but it was confirmed that the money was still inside. 

The Reddit user said he intended to get a gift for Jett, and at the suggestion of others said he would buy pizzas for the department.