A threatening package with a note attached to it appeared outside the entrance to the Orleans Parish Criminal District Court building Thursday afternoon, prompting an hourlong evacuation as New Orleans police and Sheriff’s Office deputies, along with two firetrucks, blocked off the street to check out the apparent threat.

Just what the note said was not immediately known, but Judicial Administrator Rob Kazik said the black grocery bag contained a two-liter bottle with what authorities determined to be a bodily fluid — probably vomit.

The bottle was resting inside a cooking pot in the package, which was placed near the tall bronze doors of the courthouse.

The evacuation took place around 2 p.m. Court employees were allowed to return to the building by 3 p.m., and traffic resumed on Tulane Avenue.

A police spokesman said the New Orleans Fire Department took the “liquid substance” for testing. The NOPD took the bag and its other contents to the Central Evidence and Property room.