A hollow Pikachu Pokemonument was erected for unknown reasons in the Lower Garden District in New Orleans, La. Monday, Aug. 1, 2016.

What’s the going rate for a “Pokemonument” statue that became a national sensation after it mysteriously appeared in Coliseum Square this summer?

Apparently $2,000.

That’s how much the Pokemonument statue, which depicts the Pokemon cartoon figure Pikachu, sold for at the Neal Auction Gallery Sunday. The proceeds will benefit the Lower Garden District Parks & Fountains Fund, according to the statue's anonymous artists and Neal Auction Co., an antiques and fine art auction gallery.

The statue was sold to a phone bidder. The bidding started at $1,000.

The Pokemon statue appeared July 31 or Aug. 1 in a long-empty fountain in Coliseum Square on Terpsichore Street and quickly gained national attention.

Pokemon began as a cartoon in the 1990s. This summer's release of the smartphone game "Pokemon Go" has contributed to the brand's resurgence.

Pikachu is the best-known creature in the game.

The Pokemonument statue is hollow and made of fiberglass but is designed to look like aged bronze. The artists' identities -- and how they managed to get the statue in the park without anyone seeing -- have remained a mystery.

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