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As spring arrives, pets will begin to shed their winter coats. Dog and cats alike naturally lose old or damaged hair by shedding.

The frequency and amount of shedding that occurs often depends on the overall health and breed of the pet, as well as the time of the year. While most dogs and cats have a thicker coat during the winter and shed it as spring arrives, pets that are primarily kept indoors will experience smaller changes in coat thickness and tend to shed evenly throughout the year.

Shedding is a natural, normal process. Although normal amounts of healthy shedding cannot be stopped, the amount of hair accumulating on the floor and furniture can be reduced by regular brushing, grooming and proper nutrition.

BREED MATTERS: Some breeds just shed more than others. For example, a German shepherd will shed much more — and more often — than a shih tzu or poodle.

Those prone to allergies should research what breeds are considered hypoallergenic, as they will have little to non-shedding coats and produce less dander than the heavier-shedding breeds.

Cats shed, too. They spend 10 percent of every day grooming, but that isn’t enough. They must be fed a healthy diet, be brushed daily and have a bath at least once a month to minimize shedding.

For both dogs and cats, it is important to talk to a vet if a pet is experiencing excessive hair loss or bald patches. Large amounts of hair loss can signal that an animal may be experiencing stress, poor diet or a medical issue. A trip to the vet is the best way to tell if shedding is of the normal variety or if it is a symptom of an underlying problem such as:

Parasites (fleas, lice or mites)

Fungal or bacterial infections


Kidney, liver, thyroid or adrenal disease

Reaction to medications

Trauma due to excessive licking


Immune disease

If open sores, redness or bumps are present, make a vet appointment immediately.


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