A report from New Orleans' planning staff recommending changes to how short-term rentals are regulated will take an extra month to complete, the city said Wednesday.

The City Planning Commission report, which was supposed to be completed this week, is supposed to make recommendations on how to change the rules governing homes rented out through sites like Airbnb and HomeAway.

The City Council asked for the report shortly after new members took office this spring, saying it wanted to consider changes to the licensing program that began last year. At the same time, the council halted the issuance of some short-term rental licenses until the new rules were worked out.

Under the new timeline, residents will have until Sept. 17 to submit comments on what kind of regulations they would like to see to cpcinfo@nola.gov or at www.nola.gov/city-planning/major-studies-and-projects/2018-short-term-rental-study/public-comment/.

The City Planning Commission will then take up the report at its meeting on Sept. 25 and submit its recommendations to the council by the following week.