New Orleans police are investigating a report of a sexual assault involving a woman who said she passed out Sunday after visiting the French Quarter and woke up at a motel she did not recognize.

The 22-year-old told police that, after having a few drinks, she had been sitting at the corner of Canal and Bourbon streets waiting for her boyfriend to retrieve their vehicle when she passed out. The next thing she remembered was “an unknown male subject” approaching her and asking whether she needed to use his phone, said Tyler Gamble, a New Orleans police spokesman.

“After confirming that she needed to use the phone, the subject then offered to bring the victim to a motel room where the phone was located,” Gamble said.

The woman woke in a motel room several hours later, lying next to a man she did not know, police said. She later went to the hospital to undergo a sexual assault exam.

“The victim advised she did not recognize the motel and was unable to provide a physical or clothing description of the subject,” Gamble said, adding the case remains under investigation.