For Zulu King Jay Banks, a reign that focuses on service _lowres

Advocate staff photo by SCOTT THRELKELD -- Jay H. Banks, 2016 king of Zulu, photographed Wednesday, Feb. 3, 2016, at his home in New Orleans.

Jay Banks has nabbed another endorsement in the New Orleans City Council District B runoff – though it came in the form of a scathing denunciation of Banks’ opponent, rather than a rallying cry for Banks himself.

Timothy David Ray, the third-place finisher in the Oct. 14 primary, said this week that he is pulling for Banks because he can't stand Seth Bloom, the other runoff contender.

“Seth Bloom has habitually displayed a lack of self-restraint, professionalism, respect, and sincerity,” Ray said in a lengthy announcement.

“Jay has consistently been respectful, courteous, and honest,” Ray said.

Bloom, for his part, says his Ray is misrepresenting their interactions, and provided copies of emails recently exchanged between the two men to illustrate his point.

In one email, Bloom accuses Ray of “attempting to auction off your endorsement” after Ray proposed moderating a debate between the two men and issue an endorsement after.

Bloom declined, citing meetings he’d already had with Ray and various advocates to discuss his plans for the district. In those meetings, Ray barely spoke up, Bloom claimed.

“I think the letter speaks for itself,” Bloom said. “District B needs an independent voice, and I’m proud to be that voice.”

Bloom has already received the endorsements of Eugene Ben-Oluwole, Catherine Love, and Andre Strumer, the three other sidelined candidates in the District B primary. Banks, meanwhile, has received the endorsements of much of the city’s local political establishment, labor unions and Gov. John Bel Edwards. 

Asked about the endorsement and the tiff between the two men, Banks said he was "very excited to have Tim" as a backer. 

"He formed his opinions of Seth, and the issues between them have nothing to do with me," he said. 

Read the letters. 

Read Ray's full endorsement announcement. 

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