Of the 120 drainage pumps in New Orleans, 13 are still down, but repairs to five more are expected to be done in the next 10 days, officials said at a Sewerage and Water Board meeting Friday afternoon.

Here are a few other notable updates shared at the meeting:

-- One turbine is now being tested to determine whether it can come online, another is expected online mid- to late-September and a third is unknown. Only two of the five turbines that provide power to the pumps are working, though the system typically can also draw power from Entergy.

-- Total cost for power repairs and generators: about $23 million; pump repairs: $8 million with about $3.5 million for contractors to aid staffing; repairs to two S&WB power turbines will cost about $13.2 million.

-- Deputy Director Bob Miller has been appointed the S&WB's interim director. Miller will be responsible for day-to-day operations of S&WB. Paul Rainwater -- who is part of the emergency management team put in place at the agency after several top officials were dismissed -- and his team will be responsible for emergency repairs, etc. His tenure will end Oct. 15.

New problems were revealed after Aug. 5, when several neighborhoods flooded while some S&WB pumps were offline, the agency's ability to generate electricity to run them was reduced and staffing shortages appeared to leave some stations without operators.

More details to come.