Kenner police book political consultant Jacques Morial on DWI; attorney challenges arrest _lowres

Jacques Morial

Local political consultant Jacques Morial was arrested on a count of driving while intoxicated shortly after midnight Saturday in Kenner, court records show.

Kenner police booked Morial, the brother of former Mayor Marc Morial, on counts of driving while intoxicated, reckless operation of a vehicle and failing to obey a traffic control signal.

Morial’s defense attorney, Patrick Fanning, questioned the validity of the arrest, which was first reported by

Morial, 54, was arrested on the Airport Access Road. He was released from the Jefferson Parish Correctional Center the same day because of overcrowding.

Fanning said Morial registered .05 on a blood-alcohol content breath test, below the legal limit of .08, but the officer arrested him regardless for allegedly failing a field sobriety test.

“What you have here is a scientific test that says no, my client is not impaired, and you have an officer who wants you to take his word for it instead,” Fanning said. “How the Kenner police decide to substitute their subjective, unsupported opinion instead of the scientific evidence is beyond me.”

Morial was convicted of first-offense DWI in 2003. His next court date is July 6.