NEW ORLEANS — A man who fatally shot his granddaughter’s father outside of a Lakeview restaurant early last year will spend the next two decades in prison.

Judge Keva Landrum-Johnson on Thursday handed down the 20-year sentence for manslaughter to Farrell Sampier, according to Orleans Parish Criminal court records.

Sampier, 45, pleaded guilty in January to manslaughter, according to court records. He faced that count in addition to a charge of second-degree murder, according to court records, for the murder of Antonio Miller, 21.

Miller and Sampier worked together at Mondo, a restaurant on Harrison Avenue in Lakeview.

The shooting happened about 3 p.m. on Jan. 20, 2012.

Miller and Sampier got into an argument about Miller’s care of his daughter, police said at the time. During the argument, Sampier, who worked at the restaurant but was off the clock at the time, fired the gun, killing Miller.

New Orleans Police Deputy Chief Kirk Bouyelas said after the shooting that it did not appear to be premeditated. Instead, he said, the argument escalated to the point where gun play became involved.

Chef Susan Spicer, who owns the restaurant, said after the shooting that management was aware the men were involved with some domestic dispute but were not sure just how deep the tension ran.

Miller fled the scene in his truck but surrendered to police a short time after they identified him as a suspect.