New Orleans — On the heels of firing several officers accused of lying, New Orleans police arrested another officer who they said stole from the purse of an armed robbery victim.

April Moses, 31, was booked with theft and malfeasance in office after police said she stole a gift card from a purse that was turned in after an armed robbery.

Moses, a six-year veteran, was suspended without pay Thursday, roughly five days after the theft is alleged to have occurred.

According to a news release, the purse was turned in to the 8th District by a citizen. Moses is accused of rummaging through the bag and stealing a gift card that she later used at Target in Jefferson Parish.

The purse’s owner later contacted police when she realized the gift card had been used.

Detectives learned that the card was used after the bag had been delivered to police.

A search of Moses’ home turned up several of the items listed as being purchased with the card.

Police say she spent $85 at the store. Moses was already on desk duty at the time of the incident after fighting with another driver after a traffic accident while off-duty, police say.

The news came after Wednesday’s announcement that police fired two officers for lying about using their Tasers and another officer for sleeping while he was supposed to working a private paid detail.

The officers were accused of violating the department’s truthfulness standards, among other issues. They are appealing those decisions.

Moses herself was suspended for similar rules violations after she lied about her boyfriend beating her and holding her hostage in 2010.

The man was charged by the New Orleans District Attorney’s Office, but those charges were dropped after Moses recanted. She was suspended for 75 days.

When Serpas announced the firing of the three other officers Wednesday, he said that violations of the department’s truthfulness police would be met with swift action.