The stage at the Northshore Harbor Center will be turned into a ballroom of gold and silver splendor when the Slidell Newcomers Club holds its 35th annual Mardi Gras Bal Masque on Jan. 26.

The theme this year is “Special Celebrations.”

In addition to being the Club’s 35th Bal Masque, the Club also will celebrate its 50th anniversary. The theme was chosen to represent very important anniversaries, but not just your everyday celebration.

The captain of the ball is Janet Giroir and the co-captain is Lydia Foght. The maids are Patricia Carlos, Melissa Colgrove, Jin Hee Gauslin, Lorraine Lacoste, Mary Landa, Teresa Malone, Cindy Mingus, Cathy Morgan and Camille Schwandt.

One of the maids was selected queen by the 300-plus members of the Slidell Newcomers Club in May, and her identity will be revealed at the ball.

Like the queen, the king also is voted on by the membership and will be revealed at the ball. The King candidates are Tim Gauslin, Thomas Landa and John Morgan.

Dukes are Edward Giroir, Donald Foght, Al Martinez, Don Colgrove, Tim Gauslin, Sam Tritico, Thomas Landa, Mark Malone, Gordon Mingus, John Morgan and Elmore Schwandt.

The 2012 “I Dreamed a Dream” Queen Barbara Carlos and King Ron Carlos and Club President Judy Warnke will be presented at the ball along with St. Tammany Parish and Slidell dignitaries.

The Slidell Newcomers Club was established in 1962, and its first bal masque was held in 1977. The club hosts a monthly luncheon meeting on the second Wednesday of each month at the Pinewood Country Club.