Just over three months since a flood caused significant damage to its grounds, the St. Joseph Abbey and Seminary College will resume church services Sunday, according to a report.

“The church is the heart of our lives here,” Abbott Justin Brown told WWL-TV. “You sometimes take for granted that we readily have access to this beautiful, peaceful church. Not until it’s missing from your daily life, do you realize how much it means to not only us, but also the community at large. Having it back will be like having our hearts back.”

Historic flooding in March caused $30 million in damage to the abbey and surrounding buildings in the tiny St. Benedict community north of Covington. About 2 feet of water covered the entirety of the property, which since 1889 has been a monastery that has educated Catholic religious leaders from near and far.

The church itself is the center of the property, and it, too, suffered damage. The electrical and air-conditioning/heating units were both at ground level and were ruined in the flood. The artwork inside, including the murals painted by Dom Gregory de Wit, was undamaged.

The church will be open for services beginning at 7:30 a.m. Sunday. The rest of the grounds remain closed to the public, WWL reported.

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