The 217 members of the Mount Carmel Academy Class of 2015 received their diplomas May 18 at the Pontchartrain Center in Kenner.

The valedictorians are Taylor Ann Berry and Bonnie Elizabeth Gibbons. The salutatorians are Kathryn Gruber Kampen, Mary Margaret Monistere, Catherine Grace Pellerin and Julia Lise Vitter.

Berry, daughter of Richard R. Berry Jr. and Stacey G. Berry, will major in engineering at the University of Alabama. Gibbons, daughter of Stephen and Amy R. Gibbons, will major in kinesiology at LSU.

Kampen, daughter of William G. Kampen Jr. and Jami S. Kampen, will major in kinesiology at LSU. Monistere, daughter of Michael J. and Beth Marie T. Monistere, will major in chemical engineering at the University of Alabama. Pellerin, daughter of Barry J. and Lisa F. Pellerin, will major in business administration at Texas A&M University. Vitter, daughter of David B. and Wendy B. Vitter, will attend Georgetown University.

Maria Christina Ciaccio and Megan Ann LaCour received the Carmel Award, an award given to an outstanding graduate who is true and loyal to Mount Carmel Academy and who is compassionate, kind, involved, a good student and one who gives of herself to help others.

Danielle Clement Brouillette and Kampen received the Carmel Cub Award. This award is presented to the graduate who displays leadership, spirit and service through her participation in extracurricular and school activities.

Ellyn Elizabeth Culotta received the Unheralded Senior Award. This award is presented to a graduate of high moral character who promotes school activities, does behind-the-scenes jobs that often go unnoticed and is always there when someone needs her.

Maureen Margaret Richard received the Sister Camille Anne Campbell, O.Carm. Award, an award presented to a graduate who demonstrates some of Sister Camille Anne’s outstanding attributes: her passion for learning, her strong communication skills, her leadership ability and, especially, her spiritual depth and great love of God.

Carli Lyn Curry received the Five-Year Perfect Attendance Award.

Service awards were presented to Berry, Monistere, Pellerin, Mary Ann Casadaban, Megan Cynthia Davenport, Elise Marie Delahoussaye, Virginia Rose Falgoust, Kayla Marie Guillot, Christina Maria Hera, Merritt Lynn Lota, Leah Rose Mandel, Madeline Anne McGraw, Madeline Elizabeth Reineke, Kaitlyn Paige Schloz, Laura Katherine Simmons, Danielle Claire Sketchler, Courtney Elizabeth Tilly, Gabrielle Frances Welty and Annie Elizabeth Wright.

Summa cum laude graduates were: Taylor A. Berry, Emily E. Braud, Lindsay E. Cooper, Melinda E. Davis, Danielle L. Dean, Elise M. Delahoussaye, Amanda L. DiVittorio, Natalie M. Failla, Ashley M. Freese, Elise L. Friend, Bethany M. Ganucheau, Bonnie E. Gibbons and Kayla M. Guillot,

Also, Carolina C. Hirschey, Ashley E. Johnson, Kathryn G. Kampen, Megan A. LaCour, Kelly E. Lewis, Catherine A. Loehr, Merritt L. Lota, Meghan L. McCord, Mary M. Monistere, Catherine G. Pellerin, Kaitlyn P. Schloz, Courtney E. Tilly, Karly A. Treuting and Julia L. Vitter.

Magna cum laude graduates were: Monte A. Besselman, Katherine E. Blackburn, Mary A. Casadaban, Victoria Chan, Kaitlin P. Childress, Maria C. Ciaccio, Jillian N. Clark, Emily A. Coniglio, Claire E. Crumb, Lauren E. Daigle, Emily K. Dares, Megan C. Davenport, Lindsey M. Duracher, Jacqueline R. Elmer, Virginia R. Falgoust, Emily C. Faschan, Laine E. Fogarty and Callie M. Frey.

Also, Victoria L. Garon, Hannah E. Gilmore, Shaina M. Grace, Kaitlin E. Griffin, Morgan N. Hahn, Corinne L. Hebert, Sydney A. Huth, Catherine A. Johnson, Claire E. Kingsbery, Kristen R. Landeche, Lyra M.X. Lapuyade, Robin E. Leonard, Sophia D. Millet, Victoria E. Monzón, Bailey C. Moragas, Monica T. Nguyen, Megan L. Perez and Candace H. Puleo.

Also, Madeline E. Reineke, Sophia E. Serpas, Rachel M. Sileo, Danielle C. Sketchler, Grace N. Sossaman, Kathryn A. Spahn, Hayley E. Stant, Meghan M. Stemke, Alyssa N. Storey, Carolyn H. Tran, Nguyet-Hanh M. Tran, Kara A. Triche, Abigail K.H. Unsworth, Sarah M. Uzee, Emily A. Villafarra, Airey M. Vitter, Kelly M. Wallace, Caroline R. Welker, Gabrielle F. Welty and Annie E. Wright.

Cum laude graduates were: Morgan P. Adams, Sarah M. Althans, Catherine C. Boudreaux, Alyssa N. Burdine, Megan E. Campbell, Courtney A. Carrier, Ashley M. Carter, Ellyn E. Culotta, Carli L. Curry, Casey M. Dawson, Catherine V. Dolce, Dominique A. Drago, Caroline E. Duclaux, Brooke A. Duhé, Emilia W. Duncan and Kayla P. Dupuy.

Also, Lauren Gorman, Dana M. Guan, Cody E. Guillot, Katherine E. Hartenstein, Christina M. Hera, Kori L. Keen, Katelyn A. Keller, Margo A. Kieff, Alexis E. Kissinger, Katie N. Landrieu, Allison E. Liberto, Alexis C. Lifsey, Abby L. Mahl, Leah R. Mandel, Carley M. Metcalf, Catherine C. Montaldo, Marisa M. Naccari, Victoria M. Nielsen and Olivia E. Nuss.

Also, Amanda N. Parenti, Ashleigh V. Passafume, Kirsten R. Pecquet, Leah E. Perez, Collette J. Pitre, Emma A. Pittman, Rachael M. Poissenot, Jessica R. F. Pottinger, Janet J. Randle, Maureen M. Richard, Olivia M. Scarber, Adelaide O. Schultz, Laura K. Simmons, Margaret T. Storms, Holley E. Strassel and Alanna M. Summit.

Also, Alexia M. Tadros, Courtney A. Templet, Annie B. Villarrubia, Kirsten M. Vollenweider, Sabrina Wadhwa, Cayleigh M. Weiymann, Emily C. Wiewiorowski and Claire E. Wild.

Other graduates were: Victoria G. Barbier, Megan M. Bell, Nicole M. Bellotti, Brooke E. Bemiss, Amanda M. Benge, Ashley E. Birkel, Naomi E. Bologna, Madeline G. Borrello, Danielle C. Brouillette, Emma B. Brouphy and Madalyn L. Brown.

Also, Brooke A. Cambre, Alissa I. Casso, Savannah A. Chiasson, Erin E. Chopin, Caitlin B. Claiborne, Katie E. Corrente, Abbee L. Creath, Madeline Q. Cvitanovich, Peyton C. Czerwonka, Amanda N. Damonte, Jordan T. Delaune, Kathleen A. Dietrich, Morgan G. Doll. Samantha R. Dragon, Stephanie M. Duplechain and Peyton L. Dupuy.

Also, Jodi A. Ferniz, Tiffany A. Forest, Dominique E. Frisard, Rebecca C. Grote, Alaina T. Guarino, Alexandra M. Guidry, Alexis J. Hall, Madison E. Jackel, Krishara L. Johnson, Victoria B. Kissinger, Audrey A. V. Klein and Rebekah A. Kleindorf.

Also, Pooja R. Lalwani, Hannah N. LaSalle, Nicole E. LoGiudice, Ana L. Lopez, Meghan M. Macdonald, Zoie M. Manuel, Madeline A. McGraw, Samantha A. Miestchovich, Charlotte R. Naquin, Sloane S. Norton and Bailey E. O’Connor.

Also, Jade N. Parker, Ana L. Pedone, Annie M. Perone, Hannah E. Perry, Victoria E. Pitre, Gabrielle A. Pizzolato, Audrey R. Poitevant, Hannah N. Prendergast, Madeline L. Prigmore, Alaina M. Randolph, Elisabeth A. Roark and Mallory A. Robichaux.

Also, Margueritte M. Sauter, Emily E. Scott, Alyssa L. Segretto, Ashley L. Segretto, Brianna J. Simpson, Savannah R. Sims, Samantha A. Staehle, Shelby N. Story, Abbey L. Strander, Allison M. Sweeney, Alexa A. Taylor, Caitlin E. Torry and Meagan M. Wahl.