Two weeks after a supporter of Cynthia Lee Sheng released a poll showing her in the lead in the race for Jefferson Parish president, John Young’s campaign has released a poll it commissioned showing he, in fact, has the edge.

Young’s campaign touted a lead of about 3 percentage points over Lee Sheng in a head-to-head match-up, and a dead heat between the two in a scenario in which Mike Yenni, the current parish president, also runs for re-election.

Yenni, whose political fortunes have been declared all-but-dead by prognosticators following a sexting scandal, has not said whether he is going to run.

Young’s campaign chairman, Bill Allerton, declared the head-to-head results show Young leading Lee Sheng “decisively.” However, the margin is 39 percent to 36 percent with a full 25 percent still undecided.

Allerton took a swipe at the previous poll, which showed Lee Sheng with a seven-point lead but only looked at a field of three candidates, suggesting it avoided a head-to-head finding because it would have shown Young in the lead.

The Young campaign's poll results for a three-way race have Young and Lee Sheng each with 30 percent, Yenni with 16 percent and 24 percent undecided.

The poll, conducted by Gulf Coast Resources of cell and land-line phone users, questioned 796 likely voters from March 7-9.

Lee Sheng shot back at the poll, saying it included a question evoking an issue that was the subject of campaign literature that sought to tie Lee Sheng to a proposed expansion of a cyanide plant in Waggaman.

“We had heard from several sources this week that the John Young campaign was running a poll with negative information about me," Lee Sheng said in a statement. "In politics that’s called a classic 'push poll,' designed specifically for the purpose of delivering skewed results.”

The election will be held Oct. 12.

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