A veteran St. Bernard Parish Sheriff’s Office sergeant who resigned in March after a physical altercation with his wife, a witness and an Orleans Parish sheriff’s deputy in downtown New Orleans pleaded guilty this week to reduced charges and received a six-month suspended sentence.

Paul Miller, 42, of Chalmette, pleaded guilty to two counts of simple battery and a count of resisting an officer in connection with the Feb. 28 incident at the JW Marriott hotel on Canal Street.

According to a New Orleans police report, Miller got into an argument with his wife. She slapped him, and he pushed her away, according to the report. She came at him again, and he punched her in the face, knocking her to the ground, the report said.

A witness went to help the wife, and Miller “grabbed her by the hair and threw her into a wall,” the report said. He then pushed a sheriff’s deputy and slapped him in the face, it said.

The deputy slugged him in the face, and Miller fell. He then told an officer that he was a St. Bernard sergeant and the officer would “lose his job because he was involved with Mr. Miller’s apprehension.”

“Mr. Miller also stated that he was a powerful person,” the report said.

Miller originally was also booked on domestic abuse battery, a count that District Attorney Leon Cannizzaro’s office dropped as part of the deal.

Miller resigned three days after the incident.

Under the sentence, endorsed by Criminal District Court Judge Robin Pittman, Miller must complete 64 hours of community service and undergo a year of “intensive probation.”