Jefferson Beautification Inc. is making plans to install 6-foot bronze statues of the Greek Muses in the sculpture garden surrounding the recently completed Jefferson Performing Arts Center.

The first phase of the project will feature the four Greek Muses who represent the performing arts: Terpsichore, dance; Euterpe, music; Thalia, comedy; and Melpomene, tragedy. Plans for the project were released during the group’s recent Christmas luncheon at Chateau Country Club. The luncheon had the theme “My Big Fat Greek Christmas Wedding.” Event Chairman Pat Starnes narrated the fashion show, which featured bridesmaid dresses appropriate to the theme.

Jefferson Beautification Inc. will hold its Parkway Promenade fundraiser, “Cruising the Mediterranean,” on April 3. For information on the fundraiser, or on sponsoring a statue, call (504) 737-7583.