Crescent City community photo gallery for March 12, 2015 _lowres

Photo provided -- New members of the National Honor Society at Cabrini High School are, front row from left, Adrianna Bailey, Brianna Brewer, Angelle Falcon, Chelsey McMillon, Taylor Rogge, Miranda Musacchia, Kassandra Torres, Alexis Shelton and Olivia Sherburne; second row, Chloe Mangerchine, Halley Barousse, Katherine Cousins, Marie Polk, Kelsey Pinera, Rian Ezell, Payton Dawson, Madisen McCants, Caroline Allen, Olivia O'Neil, Taylor Benoit, Laurel Dennies, Amanda Lauga, Audrey Johnson, Natalie Kall, Kaci Hannan, Dominique Gibson, Camryn Jolly, Tori Luster, Natalie Frazier and Brittany Juneau; third row, Rebecca Davis, Kristen Lonsberry, Abigail Braud, Alexis Jacquet, De'Iveon Foy, Sophia Brouillette, Hannah Chaisson, Ashley Nicosia, Kathleen Tullis, Tiffany Warron, Madison Murphy and Hannah Susslin; back row, Selena Rivera, Skylar Ockman, Kaitlin Raymond, Maci Hinkel, Madison Rousseve, Tayler Crutchfield, Courtney Landry, Renaé Gray, Victoria Barnes, Natalie Moll, Ashley Duncan, Brooke Goodwin, Victoria Tanner, Amanda Costales, Aymee Alwert and Joey Alsandor.

The Cabrini High School chapter of the National Honor Society elected new officers and inducted 58 new members into its organization.

The new officers are Emma Bologna, president; Alana Dison, vice president; Teylor Berthelot, secretary; Meagan Leathem, treasurer; and Tyra Berthelot, chaplain.

The new members are Caroline Allen, Joey Alsandor, Aymee Alwert, Adrianna Bailey, Victoria Barnes, Haley Barousse, Taylor Benoit, Abigail Braud, Brianna Brewer, Sophia Brouillette, Hannah Chaisson, Amanda Costales, Katherine Cousin, Tayler Crutchfield, Rebecca Davis, Payton Dawson, Laurel Dennies, Ashley Duncan, Rian Ezell, Angelle Falcon, De’Iveon Foy, Natalie Frazier, Dominique Gibson, Brooke Goodwin, Renaé Gray, Kaci Hannan, Maci Hinkel, Alexis Jacquet, Audrey Johnson, Camryn Jolly, Brittany Juneau, Nicole Kall, Courtney Landry, Amanda Lauga, Kristin Lonsberry, Tori Luster, Chloe Mangerchine, Madisen McCants, Chelsey McMillon, Natalie Moll, Madison Murphy, Miranda Musacchia, Ashley Nicosia, Olivia O’Neil, Skyler Ockman, Kelsey Pinera, Marie Polk, Kaitlin Raymond, Selena Rivera, Taylor Rogge, Madison Rousseve, Alexis Shelton, Olivia Sherburne, Hannah Susslin, Victoria Tanner, Kassandra Torres, Kathleen Tullis and Tiffany Warron.

National Honor Society members must have a cumulative and semester grade-point average of 3.5, a good behavioral record, satisfactory evaluation by the faculty on character and leadership, and membership in at least one club, team or activity.