Man arrested for cruelty to animals after taking dog to Jefferson Parish Animal Shelter when it had bones showing through skin _lowres

Mark Billiot

A Waggaman man was arrested on Tuesday for cruelty to animals after he brought his emaciated dog to a Jefferson Parish Animal Shelter.

Police said Mark Billiot, 39, brought the dog to the shelter when it had a “bloated stomach, labored breathing, uncontrollable shaking” and bones showing through the skin. A ruler placed between ribs showed that the skin was sunken 1.75” into the chest.

Billiot reportedly told authorities that the dog had been in that condition for three weeks. He was booked on a count of cruelty to animals. The dog was beyond saving, according to a veterinarian, and euthanized.

Court records show that Billiot pleaded guilty to two counts of domestic abuse battery in 2012.