St. Charles Catholic High School senior Kylie Revere, an SCC football manager, is the school’s 2014 homecoming queen. She is the daughter of Wayne Revere and Katie Vicknair.

Six seniors graced the SCC Homecoming Court, all escorted by alumni. Those seniors are first maid Kaitlyn Lowry, escorted by Paul Lowry, class of 1988; Erin Monica, escorted by Henri Dufresne, class of 2004; Raykael Morris, escorted by Steve Pastor, class of 1984; Revere, escorted by Matthew Ericksen, class of 2007; Amelie Terry, escorted by Michael Wright, class of 2008; and Kristen Warren, escorted by LaCardio Francis, class of 2003.

Others on the Homecoming Court, and their alumni escorts, were eighth-grader Kelsie Williams, escorted by Ty Monica, class of 1988; freshman Callie Henry, escorted by Dan Taillon, class of 1985; freshman Dominique Perilloux, escorted by Ed Rowley, class of 1990; sophomore Kaitlyn Boudreaux, escorted by Kirt Jacob, class of 1991; sophomore Destiney Holley, escorted by Edward Cooper, class of 1984; junior Ariel Landry, escorted by Dr. Reid Owens, class of 2003; and junior Alyssa Arceneaux, escorted by Matthew Arceneaux, class of 2001.