Brazilian sound

When Forroteria took the Sheraton New Orleans Fais Do Do Stage Saturday, the band could have been mistaken for another Cajun or zydeco band. With a fiddle, an accordion and a triangle in the lineup, their instrumentation was similar and because of that, so was the sound. But forro is a folk music genre from northeastern Brazil, and the slight rhythmic differences were enough to force the stage’s Cajun dancers to take the set off.

The band plays a weekly forro night in New York City under the same, and the singers tried to get people to do their dance, but with little luck.

Still, the crowd was clearly with the band, particularly when it dallied with very assured reggae, particularly on a cover of Bob Marley’s “No Wonan, No Cry.”

But it helped that the triangle player’s smile never relented, and after the long winter up north, she was happy to be in the Crescent City. “Thank New Orleans for the warm weather,” she said. “Thank God for the warm weather.”

— Alex Rawls