It was Sunday when Seabon “Tom” Gibson and Fannie Campbell got into it again.

A shouting match between the two turned into a physical altercation when Campbell drew a knife, according to New Orleans police.

It ended when Gibson, 75, allegedly grabbed the blade and plunged it into Campbell’s chest, killing his girlfriend of 20 years.

Later, according to police, Gibson dumped the 58-year-old woman’s body into his truck from a second-story balcony, then ditched it in a vacant lot.

It was the second time in recent months that the couple’s relationship had led to violence.

About three months ago, Campbell, during another heated argument at their apartment in the 1300 block of St. Philip Street, allegedly broke a plate glass window and then hit Gibson in the head with a hammer, court records show.

She was served with a restraining order ordering her to stay away from Gibson. It was supposed to remain in effect until October, but she wound up back at the apartment.

Campbell’s body was found about 6:30 a.m. Sunday in a grassy lot in the 1400 block of North Robertson Street, wrapped in a bloodstained sheet, according to police. The lot is just a few blocks away from the apartment where the couple lived.

According to a warrant for Gibson’s arrest, relatives told homicide Detective Travis Ward that Campbell had mentioned a few days earlier that Gibson had threatened to kill her.

When Ward and fellow Detective Robert Barrere arrived at the apartment to notify Gibson of the death, they got no answer but saw bloodstains on the floor through an open window. When the detectives came back later with a search warrant, they found Gibson in the apartment and took him to police headquarters.

During an interview with Ward, Gibson at first denied any involvement with Campbell’s death, but his story allegedly changed quickly.

Gibson told Ward that he and Campbell got into a shouting match earlier in the day, according to the arrest warrant. He said Campbell threatened him with a knife, which he was able to snatch from her, cutting his hand in the process.

Gibson admitted that he then stabbed Campbell in the chest, according to the warrant, telling police he might have stabbed her multiple times.

He said Campbell ended up lying lifeless on a balcony at the back of the apartment building. He wrapped her in a sheet and hoisted her body over the edge into the back of his pickup truck, then drove the body to the vacant lot, according to police.

“Mr. Gibson then stated that after placing the victim’s body in the grassy area, he drove back to his residence where he went about his day,” Ward wrote in the warrant.

The previous fight between Gibson and Campbell took place about 7 p.m. April 18. Police were dispatched after receiving a report of a fight at the same apartment. Officers said they found a shattered plate glass window and Gibson suffering from a welt on the back of his head.

Gibson told police at the time that he and Campbell had gotten into an argument during which she shattered the window before repeatedly beating him on the head with a hammer, according to an arrest report.

Police took Campbell into custody and booked her with aggravated battery.

A protective order was issued prohibiting her from speaking to, or coming into contact with, Gibson until October.

She was released from jail after filing a $6,000 bond and pleading not guilty to the battery charge, according to court records.

She was scheduled to return to court on Monday for a hearing in that case.

Gibson remained jailed Tuesday. His bail was set at $400,000, according to Orleans Parish Sheriff’s Office records.

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