Traffic cameras map screengrab

Screenshot via Google Maps. Scroll below for interactive map. 

Is there a traffic camera nearby? It can be tough to remember. 

With the news Monday that the city of New Orleans has hiked standards for what generates a speeding ticket, that question becomes all the more relevant. 

It was revealed that the city had lowered the speed in school zones that prompted a ticket to be generated from 26 to 24 mph. The speed limit in such zones in 20 mph. The change, which went into affect in February, was not announced publicly. 

“We are tightening enforcement efforts in our school zones to help encourage safer driving," Cantrell spokesman Trey Caruso said in an email. "Going 2 miles over, or 10 miles over the limit: you’re in violation either way. We want people to pay attention and to be safe around our schools.”

The interactive map below shows all locations of traffic cameras throughout New Orleans. School zone cameras are in yellow, speed/red light cameras are red, and the 20 cameras deactivated in January are in black. 

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Since 2012, drivers could travel up to 26 mph before being ticketed in school zones and up to 10 mph over the speed limit elsewhere without seeing a traffic camera's flash.

The change came to light after residents began receiving tickets in school zones for driving speeds at which they had no issue before. 

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