Of those arrests, 98 were misdemeanors and 50 were felonies. The 140-plus arrests resulted in more than 315 criminal charges (non-drug), more than 100 narcotic charges and more than 100 traffic violations.

The narcotics seized from the arrests totaled about $376,600. LSP also seized 14 illegally possessed weapons.

State Police blue emerged in New Orleans the weekend of Feb. 6 as a sought-after commodity in the city among business owners and city leaders responding to renewed concerns over violent crime.

As recruitment efforts faltered last year, dropping the New Orleans Police Department’s staffing levels to a 36-year low, New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu relied upon state troopers to bridge the gap. Two shifts of 100 state troopers worked in the city for four months, beginning in July after a sensational Bourbon Street shooting in late June killed a young nursing student and wounded nine others. Troopers returned in late November to assist with Bayou Classic crowds, while others worked with smaller task forces in the area.