A man who was shot at early Monday morning by a New Orleans Police Department detective and a State Police trooper had just been spotted fleeing the scene of a killing in the St. Roch neighborhood, New Orleans police said.

Police said they arrested Kevin Greathouse, 17, and booked him on counts of aggravated assault and resisting a police officer by force after he fled the scene of a deadly shooting and then tried to plow his black Acura into a trooper.

The incident, which ended with Greathouse wounded and an accomplice on the lam, began about 12:15 a.m. as police investigated a shooting in the 1900 block of Painters Street in St. Roch. As police worked the scene, where two women had been wounded earlier, they heard gunshots from around the corner.

As officers arrived at Franklin Avenue and North Prieur Street a block away, they found a man lying in the street, dead from multiple gunshot wounds.

Witnesses pointed out a black Acura that was driving away that they said had been involved in the shooting. Police said troopers and an NOPD detective followed the Acura to Almonaster Avenue at Louisa Street, where it stopped.

As the officers approached the car on a deserted stretch in the shadow of Interstate 10, they told those inside it to surrender. Instead, police said, the driver sped toward one of the troopers. Police said one trooper and the NOPD detective then fired at the vehicle several times.

The suspects then fled north on Louisa Street and crashed into a parked vehicle at Louisa and Dreux Avenue, according to police. Both Greathouse, who was driving, and a passenger jumped out and fled on foot.

Greathouse was picked up by someone in a white SUV who took him to a hospital for treatment of a wound to the back of his right shoulder. He was booked after being released from the hospital.

Police have not yet determined which officer’s bullet struck Greathouse, nor have they arrested the passenger.

Greathouse was previously arrested on June 29 for driving a gold Toyota with a fraudulent license tag. He was unable to provide a license, registration or insurance after being pulled over. Police said they found five Tramadol pills and three Oxycodone pills in the car, and he was booked on two counts of drug possession.

Two weeks before that, on June 15, Greathouse was arrested and booked on illegal possession of stolen firearms.

NOPD spokesman Officer Garry Flot said police were investigating whether the homicide on Franklin Avenue was connected to the shooting on Painters Street, which wounded two women.

The first shooting caused one neighbor to pull her whole family to the back of the house as bullets flew, injuring one woman with shots to both legs and another with a graze wound to her left thigh.

“We didn’t try to see what was happening. We were running for cover,” a neighbor said. She said she had to take blood pressure medication after the shooting rattled her nerves.

Police apparently missed two spent shell casings when they canvassed the scene on Painters Street, perhaps in their haste to respond to the later killing. The casings were still on the ground Monday morning. Police said the incident is still under investigation.

“My whole insides was shaking,” said another neighbor, who declined to give her name but said she has lost two sons to violence. “This street — I have had it, and I’m ready to go far away as I can. Find me a little house on the prairie.”

Earlier Sunday, about noon, police had responded to a cutting nearby in the 2500 block of Franklin Avenue. A man and a woman were arguing, police said, and the woman resolved the argument by cutting her friend, 31.