About 300 people turned out Oct. 31 for the grand opening of Milneburg, a 55-acre Covington community for women with special needs.

Milne’s President Johanna Averill welcomed them, as did Covington Mayor Mike Cooper. The keynote speaker was Kathy Kliebert, secretary of the state Department of Health and Hospitals.

The community includes 12 homes; each has four bedrooms and private bathrooms, along with full kitchens, dining and living rooms, a meeting/medical room, laundry and patio.

Lineage of the new subdivision, 1065 Milne Circle, dates to 1844, when Alexander Milne provided for orphanages to be opened in New Orleans. Eventually, the project became a place for mentally or physically challenged women and girls. Since Hurricane Katrina destroyed the Gentilly Boulevard site, residents and staff had been in temporary lodging in Laurel, Mississippi. The opening of Milneburg marks their return to Louisiana.

The home provides state-of-the-art programs and individualized services to residents.