Rock n Bowl

Provided photo of Rock n Bowl

A man was dancing at Rock n Bowl on a recent Zydeco night when he collapsed.

Luckily, his dance partner was quick to administer chest compressions and the business recently installed an AED, an automated external defibrillator.

The business shared the story on Facebook this week, saying that if the dance partner and an emergency room nurse nearby hadn't immediately responded with chest compressions and use of the AED, the man would not have survived. The incident happened on Thursday, March 28 at the Rock 'n' Bowl location in New Orleans.

The visiting nurse who aided the man was a New Jersey woman named Laura Pizzano, identified on Facebook by her sister Kathleen Kamphausen. Kamphausen said the man who collapsed later called her sister to personally thank her.

The owners of Rock n Bowl, who also own nearby Ye Old College Inn, wrote that they installed AED machines several months ago. The shock from the AED machine brought back the man's pulse and breathing. He was then taken to a hospital in an ambulance for further treatment.