Gretna — A fight between two relatives in Gretna on Wednesday afternoon ended with a severed ear and a gunshot fired near a school.

Gretna Police were called out to the 900 block of Franklin Street after two cousins fought so violently over money that one of them decided to fire off a round from his .45 caliber handgun. The incident happened just as parents were picking up their children from nearby St. Anthony Catholic School, but no children or parents were involved, Police Chief Arthur Lawson said.

Police were called out a float building operation on Franklin Street because of reports of a fight between two men. Lawson said Antoine Irvin, 38, of New Orleans was at the location working on a float when his cousin, Quinn Williams, 42, of Terrytown showed up in a car.

Williams and Irvin began arguing over money related to some concrete work, Lawson said. At some point, the argument turned violent, and the two men exchanged blows. The men fought so hard that a portion of Irvin’s ear was bitten off and Williams’ nose was broken, Lawson said.

Eventually the two men separated, and Williams ran back to his car, Lawson said. However, Irvin retrieved his handgun from his vehicle and fired a single shot into his cousin’s departing vehicle, Lawson said.

Parents at St. Anthony School, which is about 200 feet from where the incident occurred, saw the fight and reported it to police, Lawson said.

When officers arrived, they found Irvin’s weapon in his vehicle. Irvin was arrested on the scene and booked with second-degree battery, simple battery, possession of a weapon near school grounds, illegal use of a weapon and aggravated assault. Williams was not arrested on the scene, but a warrant for his arrest has been issued for simple battery and second-degree battery.