A federal judge sentenced Brian Keith “Beano” Hayes to 20 years in prison Wednesday for a pair of 2011 bank robberies that netted more than $130,000 and that he allegedly committed alongside Walter “Urkel” Porter, an accused hitman for Central City crime kingpin Telly Hankton.

Much of the cash from the second robbery, of a Capital One branch in Metairie, was stained with red dye from a bank security pack. The robbers tried to literally launder it, in a washing machine, which only turned the cash pink, court records show.

Hayes then enlisted several men to take the money to Harrah’s Casino, where they inserted it in slot machines and change kiosks for cleaner proceeds, Hayes admitted in a factual basis underpinning his March 2013 guilty plea.

Hayes, 35, pleaded guilty to four counts in a 2012 indictment that also named Porter. A later indictment added three other defendants: Terrance “T-Lo” Lodrig, London “Luchie” Carter and Robert “D” Taylor. Lodrig and Taylor have since pleaded guilty.

According to the factual basis, Porter, Taylor and Hayes stormed the Capital One branch in the 6300 block of Elysian Fields Avenue on July 6, 2011, waving guns at tellers and customers before escaping with $63,505, which they split up at Porter’s house in the 4700 block of South Liberty Street.

New Orleans police would search the same address in October 2011, turning up weapons before booking Porter, 38, in the murder of Curtis Matthews, the brother of a key witness who had testified in Hankton’s murder trial a few months earlier in the 2008 killing of Darnell Stewart on South Claiborne Avenue.

Porter and Hankton are among 13 people named in a sweeping federal racketeering indictment alleging they were associates in a violent drug ring dating back more than 15 years. Five of the defendants in that case, including Hankton and Porter, are awaiting a decision from U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder by next month on whether they will face the death penalty.

Porter, meanwhile, faces still another federal charge in a separate alleged murder for hire, of Christopher Smith in Terrytown in 2010.

Hayes, who is not named in the Hankton indictment, also admitted to taking part with Porter and Carter in the Aug. 26, 2011, robbery of a Capital One branch in the 2200 block of North Causeway Boulevard in Metairie that netted more than $70,000.

In pleading guilty to conspiracy, two armed bank robbery counts and a weapons charge, Hayes admitted that he, Porter and Carter sped off from the Metairie bank, only to have the dye packs explode in the car. Porter swerved, hitting a curb and causing a flat tire. Lodrig was in a trailing vehicle and “rescued” the three men.

Along with the 20-year sentence, U.S. District Judge Sarah Vance ordered Hayes to pay restitution, according to U.S. Attorney Kenneth Polite’s office.

Taylor, who admitted taking part in the first bank robbery, pleaded guilty in May and received a 14-year sentence. He was ordered to pay $63,505 in restitution.

Lodrig also pleaded guilty, admitting in January that he was paid for his role as the backup driver and then helped launder the stained money at Harrah’s, along with five others.

Lodrig is scheduled to be sentenced on May 13, two days after Porter and Carter are slated to stand trial in the bank robbery case.

Roma Kent, Hayes’ attorney, declined to comment.

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