Rats at French Market

A screenshot from a Facebook video showing rats at a French Quarter restaurant. 

A French Quarter restaurant was closed Tuesday after a video of rats scurrying around food service areas after-hours began spreading online. 

The French Market Restaurant and Bar, 1001 Decatur St., has been closed since the video posted Sunday, according to a report from WWL-TV

The rats likely entered through a pair of broken windows and holes in front of the business. The large rats could be seen scurrying across plates and areas where oysters are served.

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The restaurant's closure is to address cleaning and repairs, according to a sign posted on the front of the building. 

"I can assure you that our food service areas are 100 percent clean and safe at all times. Our customer's health and safety are our priority," restaurant owner Anthony Marullo said to WWL-TV. 

A rodent specialist had inspected the restaurant, and the Louisiana Department of Health was contacted to conduct further investigation, WWL-TV said. 

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