New Orleans' Confederate monuments are slated for removal after recent court rulings, but Louisiana Lt. Governor Billy Nungesser is calling for help from the Oval Office. 

Nungesser wrote a letter to President Donald trump, according to a report from WWL-TV, asking him to step in. 

"I implore you to utilize the powers bestowed upon the Office of the President in the Antiquities Act, passed by Congress in 1906, which granted you the authority to declare by public proclamation, historic and prehistoric structures and other objects of historic significance as national monuments," Nungesser wrote to Trump, according to WWL-TV.

Monuments to Robert E. Lee, P.G.T. Beauregard and Jefferson Davis have been slated for removal after recent court rulings. Public bidding for their removal received just one proposal, which came in at $600,000, more than triple the original budget of $170,000. 

A fourth Confederate-era monument, The Battle for Liberty Place, was slated for removal after another court ruling, although it was not addressed in the letter to Trump. 

Nungesser's letter focused mainly on Lee and Beauregard, also stating that he believed the city government would target the monument to Andrew Jackson next. 

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