Five parades Sunday move us toward Fat Tuesday in a big way. Some paradegoers will not leave their spots along the Uptown route until Ash Wednesday.

It all starts in the morning with the 66th procession of Okeanos, with the theme “Okeanos Parades with the Kings.” Among the 21 floats are King Tut, King Kong, King Fish and The Kang. Okeanos presents its past king, queen and maids within the parade. The 250-member club tosses crawfish trays and special 10-gauge high-relief doubloons in six colors.

Though the club no longer parades through its namesake neighborhood, the Krewe of Mid-City remains a fan favorite. The 18-float parade features a new signature float titled “They All Axed for You.” The 200 male and female members throw vinyl stress figures, plush dolphins, jester hats, potato chips, T-shirts, logo beads and doubloons in several colors.

The superkrewe of Thoth has a membership of more than 1,600 men, and the parade of more than 140 units has become one of Carnival’s most anticipated events. The 40-float procession is titled “Thoth Says, Express Yourself.” A new grand marshal float will transport Thoth’s celebrity guest, Benny Grunch, who will perform with his band, the Bunch.

Krewe-logo items to be featured include nearly a dozen types of doubloons in three sizes and 12 colors, “I Love Thoth” sunglasses, float-specific polystone beads, poker chips, vinyl frisbees, Thoth fedora hats and compressed towels.

Bacchus, which changed the face of Mardi Gras when it debuted in 1969, now has a membership of 1,450 men. Bacchus XLVII, actor John C. Reilly, and 26 riding lieutenants will lead the krewe’s colorful procession titled “Children’s Stories That Live Forever.”

Included in the 31-float procession are 30 bands, the Budweiser Clydesdales, the expanded Bacchagator float and several other legendary floats: the Bacchasaurus, Bacchawhoppa, Baccha-Amore, the 120-foot Bacchatality and the Kong Family menagerie. Special guests this year include Verizon IndyCar Series drivers. Among Bacchus’ many logo items are children’s coloring books, sidewalk chalk, puzzles and special green king’s mini-doubloons. The more than 100-unit parade ends inside the Morial Convention Center, where the Bacchus Rendezvous is staged.

The 300 male and female members of the Corps de Napoleon celebrate the krewe’s 35th anniversary with a 26-float parade titled “History’s Villains.” Floats depict such figures as Attila the Hun, Joseph Stalin and Al Capone. The parade features nearly 90 units, including horse-drawn carriages. The floats carrying the emperor, empress and captain are all horse-drawn. Waterloo, a 65-foot tandem float, features confetti-shooting cannons and smoke. Marching bands will participate in the Rhythm on the Route band contest. Signature throws include 35th anniversary doubloons, frisbees and vinyl footballs.