Mount Carmel Academy students share insights into healthful choices _lowres

Photo provided by Mount Carmel Academy -- Members of Mount Carmel Cubs Against Destructive Decisions include, front to back, Laura Housey; Sarah Healy; Maddie Freese; Brooke Petkovich; Lauren Cassanova; Danielle Vogt; Megan Walters, popping up; and Jenna Cyrus, leaning out.

A group of students from Mount Carmel Academy recently visited St. Ann Catholic School in Metairie to share information about the dangers of destructive decisions through skits, music, informational speeches, statistics and personal testimony.

Topics for the group, Mount Carmel Cubs Against Destructive, included peer pressure; the dangers of smoking, drug and alcohol abuse; depression; bullying/cyberbullying; youth violence; and self-esteem.

After the presentation, the children put on “drunk goggles” and performed motor skills tasks in order help them be aware of the effects and dangers of impairment.