Educators at a Mid-City charter school were in shock Wednesday after hearing that a gunman robbed two teachers in the early morning hours, shortly after they arrived at work, New Orleans police said.

No students were inside the Success Preparatory Academy in the 2000 block of Bienville Street about 7 a.m. when the robbery happened, but Superintendent Michael Harrison told WWL-TV that the incident left other employees “very traumatized, and understandably so.”

Harrison pledged to find the robber.

According to police, one teacher was preparing to enter the school when an unknown man approached her, pulled out a gun and ordered her to walk into the school. Once inside, he robbed her and then robbed a second teacher who happened upon the scene. Neither victim was injured.

First District officers searched the school, police said, but were not able to find the gunman. The school was opened shortly thereafter.

The school serves elementary and middle school students.

Just two months ago, when the school was out of session, a wild shootout involving an AK-47 broke out at North Prieur and Conti streets, a block from the school. Two men were injured.

Recovery School District Superintendent Patrick Dobard said Wednesday that administrators were working with the school and police to develop extra security measures. The district said it was making itself available to schools to provide an assessment of their security plans.

Success Preparatory Academy’s director did not return a request for comment on the incident.

As of Wednesday evening, police had no new information to offer about the incident or a suspect.

In a separate incident, the NOPD arrested 19-year-old Terry Ussin last week for allegedly flashing a gun in front of the flagpole at Edna Karr High School in Algiers on Sept. 23. Police say he threatened to “smash” a student who had slapped his girlfriend on the buttocks.