The Audubon Zoo's managing director, Kyle Burks, offered new details Tuesday about how an escaped jaguar, Valerio, was discovered and recaptured last weekend, crediting his staff's quick action that prevented the jaguar from killing more animals or potentially making it off zoo property and into nearby residential neighborhoods.

Until Tuesday, it was unclear where the jaguar roamed on the zoo's campus. 

The 3-year-old male jaguar's enclosure is near the center of the zoo, but he was spotted skulking around the fox habitat at the Swamp Exhibit, near the far southeast corner of the property. 

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Alpacas named Noel, Michia, Alexandria and Lil Melody were found mauled to death in an exhibit adjacent to Valerio’s enclosure. And, in an area just on the other side of the alpacas from the Jaguar Jungle, an emu named Elmo was found killed.

Staffers also discovered foxes named Copper and Rusty as well as an alpaca called Daisy wounded but alive. Those animals were taken to the LSU School of Veterinary Medicine for treatment, but all died by Monday.

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