People walk past a collection of streetcars on Canal Street as a cold front moved through the area with sleet and freezing rain causing the Regional Transit Authority (RTA) to suspended service in New Orleans, La., Tuesday, Jan. 16, 2018.

The New Orleans Regional Transit Authority recently added recordings to its vehicles announcing information about stops and urging passengers to have their fares ready as they board. But it now appears the announcements will be short-lived.

On a conference call with Mayor LaToya Cantrell last week to discuss the city's 2019 budget priorities and residents' gripes, one caller decided to complain about the announcements.

“I’m just going nuts hearing the PA system from the streetcar because there are two stops just right in front of my home,” the woman said.

“Unless you live in front of the stops, you don’t understand how bad it is,” she added.

While Cantrell did not directly respond to most of the other complaints voiced in the hourlong call, she quickly jumped in to reassure the woman that she wouldn’t have to deal with that annoyance for much longer.

“We’re discontinuing that,” Cantrell said.

Neither the Mayor’s Office nor the RTA responded to questions Friday about when and why the announcements would be phased out, what if anything would replace them or how much it cost to record them.