A pedestrian waits to cross a rainbow painted crosswalk in midtown Atlanta Friday, Oct. 9, 2015. (AP Photo/David Goldman)

Now here's a colorful idea.

Three members of New Orleans' LGBTQ community have started a Care2 petition urging the city to install permanent rainbow crosswalks on Bourbon Street to honor LGBTQ people.

The petition has gathered more than 6,000 signatures of its goal of 7,000.

“New Orleans is a place that welcomes you with open arms to simply be who you are,” said Lizzy Shephard, one of the petition's authors. “A rainbow is one beautiful way to show support for the gumbo mix of culture and people that makes our city so great.”

Two Care2 petitions reportedly were successful this month in getting rainbow crosswalks installed in Washington, D.C., and Atlanta. In Washington, a petition that gathered over 12,000 signatures resulted in the nation’s first transgender pride crosswalk, though it is not permanent.

In Atlanta, the mayor said the city will make midtown’s rainbow crosswalks permanent after a Care2 petition campaign gathered over 22,000 signatures.

Other Care2 petitions are asking for rainbow crosswalks in New York City, Chicago, Milwaukee and other cities.

"New Orleans has always been a refuge for the LGBTQ community, a historic safe haven for the outcast,” local Care2 petition author Joseph Tate said. “Several of our gay bars are some of the oldest in the world." He said the crosswalks "would be a wonderful way to honor our history, to memorialize the lives of those who fought so bravely before us and to light the path for our future."

San Francisco unveiled permanent rainbow crosswalks in 2014, with Philadelphia following in 2015.