One of New Orleans' Confederate monuments may soon have a new home. 

City Park officials revealed their plan recently to move the PGT Beauregard monument from storage to a permanent resting place in Greenwood Cemetery, according to a report from Mid-City Messenger

The statue was the third of four Confederate-era monuments removed in New Orleans, alongside those to Jefferson Davis, Robert E. Lee and a monument to a reconstructionist-era uprising called "The Battle of Liberty Place."

City Park officials said one of the motives for settling the monument's future is to clean up the area where it used to reside, according to the report. Since the nighttime removal on May 17, a bare pedestal has stood in the circle -- which will also be renamed -- near the entrance to City Park in Bayou St. John. 

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The statue and its base have been vandalized multiple times before and after its removal. The horse-clad Beauregard statue was spotted along with other pieces of the removed monuments in a Desire area storage yard the day after their removal. 

The city has not confirmed the plan to relocate the statue. 

“All of the board members I’ve spoken to have expressed support in moving forward and trying to get a positive solution to the statue," said City Park board member Robert Lupo in the report.

Greenwood Cemetery was originally opened in 1852 and houses tombs of hundreds of unknown Confederate soldiers. 

There is still no word as to the future for the other three monuments. 

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