Suspected getaway driver arrested in Lower 9th Ward shooting _lowres

Michael Finnie

A fifth suspect in this month’s mass shooting in the Lower 9th Ward is behind bars.

Michael Finnie is suspected of driving the getaway car used in the shooting that killed two and injured five others.

Police arrested Finnie, 34, Wednesday morning at a home in the 3500 block of Kings Drive in Chalmette. He was booked on two counts of first-degree murder and five counts of attempted first-degree murder.

The shooting, which happened Aug. 10 in the 5400 block of Burgundy Street, killed 16-year-old Jasmine Anderson and 33-year-old Terrance McBride, who police have said was the intended target.

Also struck were 2-year-old Jamal Riley, 4-year-old Kyle Romain, their mother Alaina Romain, their 13-year-old sister and a 37-year-old woman.

Blair Taylor, 20, and Jeffery Rivers, 25, were booked Aug. 14 in connection with the incident after they were identified through Crimestoppers tips.

Investigators believe Taylor was the gunman who fatally wounded Anderson and McBride.

Rivers supplied the getaway car and the gun used, police believe, but they are not certain whether he was with Taylor during the shooting.

Police on Aug. 18 arrested a second suspected gunman, 23-year-old Joseph Nelson, after a witness with what police called “firsthand knowledge” of the shooting identified him as one of the shooters after viewing a photographic lineup.

They also arrested 25-year-old Ashley Shorts, Taylor’s girlfriend, and booked her with conspiracy to commit obstruction of justice after a recorded jailhouse phone call caught her and Taylor, her boyfriend, allegedly discussing what happened to the “hammer” — street slang for a gun — used in the shooting.

Homicide Detective Timothy Bender is in charge of the investigation.

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