Dr. Lisa Barbiero, a neonatologist who works in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at West Jefferson Medical Center, will use her reign as the 34th Queen of the Krewe of Centurions to help raise funds for the siblings of the children who were killed at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Conn.

Barbiero is originally from Stratford, Conn., near the town where the massacre took place.

“I feel strongly about doing this for a number of reasons,” she said, “but also because these little children will never have the chance to experience Mardi Gras for themselves now. So I would like to honor and remember them.”

People can donate to a fund directly or become a new rider in the Krewe of Centurions and $100 of the fee will go towards the fund. Donations can also be made during upcoming events.

“The Newtown shooting hits close to home as I am from that same county in Connecticut, three of my immediate family members are public school teachers in Fairfield County, my father works in Newtown, and one of the teachers killed (Victoria Soto) was from my hometown in Stratford, Conn.,” Barbiero said.

For information on The University of Connecticut Sandy Hook School Memorial Scholarship fund, visit http://www.friends.uconn.edu/sandyhook or call (800) 269-9965.