Screenshot via WWL-TV video

Multiple New Orleans high school students have been barred from their graduation after participating in a "senior prank" at Sophie B. Wright earlier this month. 

Students were also suspended for a week, according to a report from WWL-TV, adding that parents were informed on the punishment Monday. 

The school released statements before and after the incident took place on April 5 warning students not to participate or face "a disciplinary consequence." Announcement were also made during the school day, including a two-minute announcement approximately 30 minutes before the prank occurred.

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The prank day went off regardless, with a video via WWL-TV showing dozens of students congregating in a stairwell before many went outside with waterguns and water balloons. Though not shown in the video, the school's statement indicated that students also used eggs, vinegar and mustard inside and outside the building. A student and faculty member were also injured and a restroom was "compromised," the statement said. 

"Sophie B. Wright High School does not tolerate any behavior that disrupts our community or creates an unsafe environment. Our policies are clearly defined and our students are constantly reminded that their actions have consequences," read the statement from board president James Watson. 

Sophie B. Wright Charter School has been open since 2007 in the 1400 block of Napoleon Avenue and serves grades 6-12. It was not specified how many students were suspended or will be barred from senior activities and graduation. 

The school said the investigation into the damage to "people and property" will continue with criminal and civil action possible. 

One parent asked the school to revisit its punishment. 

"I understand the seriousness that she feels what happened but if you take anything, take the prom, suspend them for five days, but don't take the graduation," said Travis Lyons in the report.

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