A New Orleans construction worker is finding out the hard way why driving cautiously and courteously on flooded streets matters thanks to a video that's gone viral in New Orleans. 

New Orleans construction company Gulf Coast Green Construction fired a worker caught on video speeding through flood waters in a company truck after the New Orleans area was inundated with up to eight inches of rain.

A Facebook user recorded the employee driving swiftly through flood waters in Mid-City, making matters worse for people in the neighborhood by pushing large waves into nearby homes and over parked cars.

"Gulf Coast Green Construction, don't use those guys," the man is heard saying in a profanity-filled video that's been viewed nearly 170,000 times and shared more than 4,000 times since being posted.

Can't see the video below? Click here.

WWL-TV reached out to an owner of the construction company, who said the video made him "lose it a little bit."

"I saw it and I was just completely appalled and embarrassed really," Jeff Wellman said to WWL. "It's mind blowing that someone could be that inconsiderate." 

The company announced the employee's firing and apologized to Mid-City residents in a post on its Facebook page.