Transfers for April 29-May 3 


68 Boutte Estates Drive: $182,515, DSLD Homes LLC to Priscilla Ann Guggenheim.

93 Boutte Estates Drive: $164,900, DSLD Homes LLC. to Latonya Raquel Hammond and Richard Louis Ingram.

Davis Plantation Park Subdivision, Phase II, Lot 139: $72,000, Cynthia Naquin Ledet and Dale M. Ledet to Barrios Builders LLC.

134A First St.: $138,300, Mozella Rentals LLC to Brandon Michael Folse.

132 Montpelier Drive: Donation, Julie White Moss to Troy Turner Gibson.

118 Second St.: $225,000, Carolyn Bryan Entrekin Family Trust to The Rent Zone LLC.

13128 U.S. 90: $205,000, Kathryn R. Poteet Revocable Trust to 13128 Hwy. 90 LLC.

13278 U.S. 90: $125,000, Blandon P. Zeringue to Barrios Builders LLC.

112 Zachary Drive: $302,000, Geraldine Segretti Cook and John J. Cook III to Jessica Bergeron and Terence Paul Bergeron.


Lot 1 on the subdivision, plan of Lot 155 of the Coteau de France or Ranson Tract in Section 43, Township 14 South, Range 20 East: Donation, Barbara Stidham Schneider to Neida Stidham Woodruff.

255 Whitley Road: $90,000, Succession of Derrill P. Templet and Elaine Tregre Templet to Edward Dewhirst III.


Lot D Subdivision, Square 18, Lot 13: $20,000, Robert R. Steib and Gail Oncale Steib to Glenn J. Pfister and Carol Ervin Pfister.

Lot D Subdivision, Square 18, lots 9 and 10: $55,000, Mary Carla Gagliano Mistretta to Cheryl Higginbotham Abdalla.

327 Nottaway Drive: $283,000, Keiko Tatenai Adams to Kyle Anthony Tizzard and Abby Maria Bowman Tizzard.

127 Vans Lane: $214,000, Eldridge C. Delatte III, Michael T. DeLatte, Denise Marie DeLatte, Angela DeLatte Rome, Daniel G. DeLatte, Donald T. DeLatte and Ernest J. DeLatte to Christopher P. Ruiz and Tina M. Ruiz.


270 Nicholas St.: $150,000, U.S. Bank Trust National Association to Pamela J. Guillot.

St. Charles Terrace, Lot 4A: $10, Pam & Dale's Seafood Restaurant, Oyster Bar and Market LLC to Valero Refining — New Orleans LLC.

171 Terrace St.: $10, Dale M. Berteau and Wade S. Berteau to Valero Refining — New Orleans LLC.


158 Celia Drive: $177,000, Richard W. Bissette to Howard J. Volion and Gayle Chauvin Volion.

317 St. Anthony St.: $155,000, McWilliams LLC to Layne M. Landry.

367 Evelyn Drive: $168,750, succession of Derrill P. Templet and Elaine Tregre Templet to Travis Templet.

Luling Heights, Section B, Square D, Lot 182: Donation, Doris Tyndall Oubre and Earl Oubre to David Paul Foret.

338 Mimosa Ave.: $235,000, Carolyn Mitchell Shepherd and Bige Shepherd to Angela Adams Smith.

116 Monarch Cove Lane: $361,000, Samro Construction Co. Inc. to Marco John Picciola III.

217 St. Nicholas St.: $220,000, Jason Anthony Muller to Kelly Ann Robbins.

610 Terri Drive: $235,000, Louis Francis Valdin Jr. and Robin Lynn Rotherham Valdin to Donald T. Edwards and Helen Krivulka Edwards.

308 W. Coronado Drive: $208,500, Lance C. Richards Jr. to Cody Michael Heurtin.

558 Willowridge Drive: $327,000, Corey Michael Hebert and Ashley Trauth Hebert to Jason A. Muller and Amanda Bordelon Muller.


Country Cottage Estates, Phase 3C-A and 3C-B, Lot 119: Donation, Amy Patterson Allday to Gary Paul Allday.

114 Gloria Court: $285,000, Dana A. Cavalier Ortolane and Briton J. Ortolano to Alton D. Joseph.


570 Barreca St.: $145,000, Francis Residential Rentals LLC to Fellow Servants LLC.

526 Oak St.: $171,000, John P. Dugas Jr. and Jacqueline Dugas Lowry to Joshua David Johnson.


14847 Old Spanish Trail: $105,000, Jonathan J. Dupre to Joshua B. Bordelon.


352 Almedia Road: $105,000, Schaff Real Estate LLC to Double R&J Trucking Service Inc.

201 Dianne Drive: $180,000, Ryan A. Reed to Jesse R. Danna and Lauren Labiche Danna.

106 Jane Lane: $150,000, Mary E. Anderson Bickham to Jonathan Z. Mendel and Christina Moore Mendel.

Monte Verde Subdivision, Square 1A, Lot 4: Donation, Michael W. Ater to the Lake Pontchartrain Basin Foundation.

220 St. Rose Ave.: $41,000, Kenneth Paul Lachney to Lois Becker Andrews and Gerald N. Andrews.

621 Turtle Creek Lane: $136,900, Sabrina Scott Victorian and Zachery R. Victorian to Tamica Williams Hart and Benjamin P. Hart II.