Algiers residents now fall under the umbrella of Entergy New Orleans.

Entergy Louisiana LLC on Tuesday officially handed over its 22,000 residential, commercial and industrial electricity customers in Algiers to the New Orleans subsidiary of Entergy Corp.

With the shift, all of New Orleans is served by the same utility. Entergy New Orleans will provide electricity to more than 194,000 customers and natural gas to about 105,000 customers.

Both Entergy New Orleans and Entergy Louisiana are subsidiaries of Entergy Corp.

“Since Algiers is in Orleans Parish and we already provide residents (there) with gas service, it makes sense that we would provide them with electric service, too,” Entergy New Orleans President and CEO Charles Rice said in a statement. “The transaction will be seamless for customers and will not affect day-to-day utility operations for any of our new or existing customers on the east or west banks of Orleans.”

The transfer has been in the works for about a year. It is part of a settlement agreement between Entergy and the New Orleans City Council, which regulates utility matters for the entire city and authorized the transfer earlier this summer.

As a result of the move, existing Entergy New Orleans customers will see a freeze on their base rates until at least the first quarter of 2018.

Algiers customers, however, still will be subject to a pre-existing rate hike plan. Entergy Louisiana received approval last year to raise rates for its Algiers customers by 31 percent over four years. Before then, the company had not requested a rate hike for Algiers in 28 years.

The City Council will continue to regulate the rates of all Entergy customers in New Orleans, including Algiers.