New Orleans-based Sazerac Co. assured customers on Tuesday that its Fireball Cinnamon Whisky is not being recalled in North America and is safe to drink.

Late last week, Sazerac was contacted by its European bottler regarding a small recipe-related compliance issue in Finland, the company said.

Regulations for product formulations are different in Europe, which is why recipes for products like soft drinks, alcohol/spirits and candies and confections are slightly different than their North American counterparts, the company said.

Unfortunately, the North American Fireball formula was shipped to Europe and one ingredient was out of compliance with European regulations. The ingredient in question was propylene glycol, regularly used in products as a flavoring ingredient.

Finland, Sweden and Norway asked for a recall of specific batches, which is being done. Fireball is expected to be back on the shelves in those countries within three weeks.

“All Fireball formulas are absolutely safe to drink and the use of PG in Fireball creates no health risk whatsoever,” the company said. “There is no recall in North America. Fireball fans can continue to enjoy their favorite product as they always have.”